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College Guidance

Calusa Preparatory School offers a comprehensive college counseling program for high school students. As part of its mission, it seeks to challenge students to reach their academic potential and encourage them to realize their God-given gifts and talents. The objective of the office of college counseling at Calusa Preparatory School is to provide high school students and their families with the knowledge needed for college admission. This is an individualized 5-year process that begins in 8th grade and continues through the end of the senior year.

College Admission has become an increasingly competitive and complex process, therefore, this 5-year plan provides students the tools needed to successfully transition from high school to college. Beginning in 8th grade, students are provided with career and academic counseling. In the junior and senior years, college counseling becomes an intensive, multi-faceted process. Students are guided through each of the steps required for college admission including: the college search, college admission testing, the application process, and financial aid.